Friday, March 30, 2012

Pregnancy countdown

Good news: I am just about a week away from my due date :)) I don't think I have ever been more excited for anything. I would have a countdown chain, but due to the fact that she could come at any time I don't want to get ahead of myself.

Bad news: Baby girl Anderson looks like she is very comofortable and things are progressing slowly so in the words of my doctor, "be mentally prepared for your due date to come and go. Be patient." For a girl who is not very patient this week ( we are guessing we will add on days for baby girl's late arrival. She is just like her mamma, showing up casually late;) ) is going terribly slow.

This pregnancy is coming to an end and as excited as I am to finally get to hold this human being that kris and I get to call our own, I am sad that I won't be able to watch her squirm around in my tummy or be able to just sit and stare. So this last week I am soaking in every second I get to hold my very large-basketball shaped tummy, watch her kick off my phone, bowls, etc.. when I put it on my stomach, and watch my husband's face in awe every time she does a big roll around. Never fails. Sometimes it gets uncomfortable, but this little girl can do anything to my body and I wouldn't change a thing.

This pregnancy has been amazing to me. I have been so lucky to have such an amazing husband/family/ friends to share it with. Without Kris I probably would have been a wreck 99% of the time so I owe him a big big thank you for loving me at my not so loving moments.

Kris and I are both overwhelmed with excitement and can't wait to welcome the third member to our family :)

This very unplanned surprise has turned out to be the biggest blessing in our lives. The man upstairs truly has his own plan for us and even though at times we may not understand, without fail they are the best ones :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Baby Bump Update

Baby girl at 30 weeks :)
I went to the doctor last week and took the glucose test (really not that bad). She is growing right on schedule (as is her mamas weight plus a little extra on account of the constant sweet tooth) and her little heartbeat was as strong as ever. Things are going great right now and we are having fun watching her squirm and wiggle inside me! I will definitely miss watching my tummy move up and down and grabbing kris's hand so he can feel a kick or two....but 10 WEEKS TO GO!!

Work gets slow so I have turned to online browsing for her... mostly clothes and gear that we still need. I found THE cutest website with baby girl clothes.. kinda pricey so I will rarely be buying anything from here but these are some of my favs:

flounce trench coatherringbone dress with flower detailchecked shirt dressdenim dressPOLKA DOT PLUSH SWEATERflower T-shirttracksuit with text All from in the baby section. LOVE.

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Alyson Storey. She had her baby girl last night and she is absolutely perfect:)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baby on my mind.

So.. I am coming up on week 30 and can officially say that I am so ready for baby girl to get here. I bet Kris feels the same. Not just so he can hold his daughter, but so everytime I get off the couch or stand up he won't hear a big groan come out of me. Things are coming along and I am feeling more and more prepared to become a mommy. Still have my moments of complete terror of having no clue what to expect, but I like to think it's normal:)

I have the best friends in the whole world who are helping me out on the nursery. Mrs. Brayli Holt and her momma are probably the most talented decorators I know and are working full steam on helpint to transform our dull white room into the perfect place to spend my nights rocking the lil one back and forth. Pictures will come once we get some of the stuff put together and hung up:)

Clothes, flowers, and baby gear: I like to think I have been super good at holding back from not buying everything "girl" I see. I have been told to wait until after the baby shower to see what I need. Well... the baby shower is the 25th and I am so excited to be able to go out after and not be told to wait and see what I need. Odds are the baby won't really care what she is dressed in to begin with, but due to the fact I have no younger siblings, no girl nieces or nephews, and she will be our first... I feel like I can splurge a little and spoil her. Here are a few things I am waiting to purchase:

NEW - Large Red Silk Flower on a Skinny Turquoise Stretch Headband - Valentine's, 4th of July, Summer, Spring, BirthdayNEW - Large White Shabby Chic Flower on a Bright Olive Stretch Headband - St. Patrick's Day, Summer, Spring, BirthdayFuchsia Shabby Chic Single Flower on Mint Glitter Stretch Headband - The Shabby Chic CollectionLAST PAIR- Hot Pink with White Polka Dots Baby Legs - Perfect for Valentine's Day - Baby Girl, Toddler, AdultSALE LAST One - Sunflower Swarovski Crystal Baby/Child Bracelet with 1 inch Extender -Christmas Gift/Stocking StufferPremium Burp Cloths - The Chloe Set - Christmas Gift/Stocking Stuffer (All of these items are compliments of Adorable and not pricey. Will definately be placing a few orders.

3-Pack BodysuitsLayette Heart Swimsuit

 Pinned ImagePinned ImagePinned ImageCotton Peplum Hoodie - Layette Tops & Bottoms - RalphLauren.comJuicy Couture One Piece Swimsuit (Infant)Hatley 'Ladybug' Bodysuit (Infant)Tea Collection Striped Dress (Infant)Little Ella Ruffle Dress (Infant)Tea Collection Embroidered Dress (Infant)and pretty much anything from this website.

Needless to say baby girl will be dressed nicer than either of her parents. It's a lot easier spending money on the necessities right now so I am hoping for a few things at the baby shower;) I need to get crafty and learn quick how to make flowers because I have a feeling she will be needing alot:)

We have decided on the stroller/car seat ,


Bassinet we are using a pack n play by gracco

Changing table we are using an old desk of mine and repainting it and adding a matress. Same thing for a rocker. Like I said above Michelle and brayli are super talented and so they have taken on the rocking chair as a project.

If anyone knows of any stores that have cute/affordable baby clothes feel free to let me know because I would love to venture somewhere new:)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nursery time!

Luckily for us we have a spare room in our apartment which allows for the little one to have her own room.. Mostly.. Some of Kris's stuff will still be in there, but can't complain because he so willingly gave up the bedroom closet for me:)

The bedding:

We are choosing do things a little different. We are doing white crib with a couple other different aspects. We are getting help from my friends who are way better at decorating than myself and of course there are a lot of DIY projects on the way.
One picture that we love for direction is:

My amazing sister in law Jade is superrr crafty so last night we put together some cute onesies and now that we got one our demo done we ae planning on making more cute ones. Yay for crafty family members!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

This week :) :(

This week has been bitter sweet. Like I had mentioned in an earlier post my better half would be leaving me for a week to go soak up the rays in Mexico. Well..... it turned out it is a lot harder than I was expecting. Given its only 8 days and I know some people go months and even years without seeing their loved one (definately not my thing and happy to know I will never have to do that), but I have gained such a greater appreciation for everything that Kris does while he is home.

He :

-greets me whenever I walk in with a big kiss
-listens to me whine when I don't feel good and goes out of his way to find something that will help
-watch my ridiculous shows with me and actually begin to like them
-go with me on late night food runs
-listen to me vent when something doesn't go my way
-cuddle me at night when I am cold and can't warm up
-hold my hand when I sleep so I know that he is by my side
-run errands with me
-vacuums (this became a big deal this week on account of I found like two baby spiders galavanting on our carpet)
-eats my meals even when they don't turn out good
-will drive me to my destination when I don't feel like driving
-at the end of his long day tell me everything that happened (yes, I love hearing all the little details about his day)
-lets me ramble on about all the little things I want to get for our baby
-listens to my worries and reassures me that we are going to be just fine.. not fine. GREAT!
-Does little gestures with his nephew that make me see how amazing of a dad he is going to be to our munchkin
-will let me be my stubborn self and usually cave first on things

Needless to say I miss him and am only three nights away from having him by my side again!

On another note I have gotten A LOT done this week. I have been with Jade almost everyday running errands and having a blast going on adventures. We are going on a shopping date tomorrow to get some new fall clothes:) I got some of our wedding pictures printed so now every time we walk in our cute little apartment we will get to think back to our special day. One of my best friends and her hubby have been helping me redo some of our apartment. I have became obsessed with spray painting! (I wear a mask so baby anderson won't have three fingers, but if he/she did I would love those three little fingers:) ). I have been cleaning, scrubbing, and washing. On saturday I plan on taking the day off and spending some time with my family watching the Utah game:) Then Sunday I get to pick up kristoffer blaine! All in all a bitter/sweet week, but thanks to my amazing friends and family it has been a fun one:)

Baby update: We go in three weeks to find out the gender and as of monday I will be four months! Time is flying with this pregnancy and I am getting so excited for the day I get to hold my munchkin in my arms. Both grandmas are counting down too:)

Friday, October 14, 2011


Forgot to add in the last post. Anything can make me cry these days. Up to date I have cried over a million different songs, tv shows (greys anatomy, up all night, and the biggeset loser), kris smirking at my pot belly, flowers sitting on the table, a clean apartment, going on a drive.... and anything else that has any sort of sentimental feeling to it. Kris deserves an award to handle my up and down moods, but thats what they are there for:)

First trimester.... CHECK!!!

You were great.... but not that great!

  The first trimester consisted of.....

-The biggest part. Finding out our blessing in disguise when the test came back positive:)
-After a couple weeks of panic/shock realizing it is a blessing
-Getting to announce it to our friends and family
-Seeing the little lima bean sized baby on the ultrasound and hearing the heartbeat
-Realizing that humans can at times have a better sense of smell than dogs
-The bathroom floor isn't that bad of a place to hangout
-Smelly candles. No scent will smell good to a pregnant woman after more than an hour (50 dollars later)
-My husbands nose can take ALOT.
-Pregnancy glow. HUGE myth. I have broke out too many times to count worse than my middle school days. I have a happy trail that is comparable to Kris's. I shave and the hair grows back in a day. Skin is blotchy.
-Being called a drunk teenager when I had to throw up in a garbage can in a hotel lobby because the bathroom was out of my reach.
-My dads pot belly and mine are starting to look very similar
-Some days are just better spent in bed doing nothing

It was an exciting 13 weeks, but was very ready to be on to the next one. So far.. a week into the second I have been plagued with headaches. Also, doesn't help I may or may not be addicted to Dr.Pepper and am really trying to go off of it. The doctors advice for headaches. Drink a coke and take a tylenol (the only medication approved for pregnancy). Sooooo that backfired, but oh well:) I can feel my belly growing over night. I have yet to purchase fat pants so if you see in the next couple weeks and notice my pants are unbuttoned (possibly unzipped) don't judge. I will try to post a pic of the baby bump soon:)

Other updates from this wonderful time of year:
-gardner village with jade and cars
-hot chocolate from maverik
-attempting to steal marshmallows from maverik
-pom pom tutorial
-Spending lots of time with family and loving every second of it
-getting to wear my boots and leggings (heaven sent)
-frantically putting together a surprise party with my sister in laws
-missing my husband daily because he is such a hardworker and dedicated student
-still getting ideas for our apartment, but now waiting to get the funds to do them
-getting so excited to find out the gender in a month
-finding great deals at old navy (who would have thought)
-realizing that sometimes eating out is cheaper than actually cooking
-already getting excited to decorate a christmas tree
-planning a trip to the corn maze
-learning how to use pinterest to get cute nursery ideas
-**and the  most exciting one.. I start water aerobics on tuesday with another prego friend. It will be an adventure in itself due to the fact I am an awful swimmer. Get winded walking up stairs (not due to the baby, but I am JUST that out of shape), and cant go underwater without plugging my nose. On the hunt for a good looking one piece or tankini so any suggestions let me know!

Well.... that is it for now! Going shopping with Jade this week sometime and will finally be able to breathe when sitting down in some nice stretchy band waist pants. If they are comfy enough I may just wear them after too:)  Will post a picture soon when the bump gets a little bigger;)
Also, for my friends who have style and can actually put clothes together and make them look cute. Please help me to look as cute as this girl when I am big bellied... I am obsessed with her clothes and she makes them look better than people who are not 35 pounds overweight!

Happy Weekend! Looking forward to family time. Dreading sending my hubby off on a cruise for a week. Bitter sweet weekend, but know he will have a blast and hopefully bring back a souvenir;) See ya!